February 19 to 2nd, 05'

Was invited to do some shows in France by Yann Broly & BOXLAND, and it was great. We did 4 shows in 3 cities in a week, and the audiences were incredible. Most of these pictures were taken by Karl or Bronco, the other two fellas of BOXLAND. (If you haven't seen it yet, also look at one of the coolest gifts I ever got, a cartoon drawn by the great Prunelle, member of the audience in Paris)

With the camera rig for the live part of the show

Backstage in Lille

Radio interview, Lille. I don't speak French, so it was all translated on the fly.

J.C., who did the interview, asked me on the air: "So Lev, do you do this just to pick up chicks?" At the show that night, a beautiful young girl came up to me and asks somewhat bewildered: "I hear you on radio today... so you do this to eat chicken?"

Dinner after the show at the Biplan, Lille

J.C., who translated the live part of the show for me in Lille.

Wandering the streets of Lille

Outside the venue, Paris. It was freezing there, and the building had no heat. There was a woodburning stove about fifteen feet away from the hi-tech video projector. I think there were about 80 people there that night, at least 5 left from smoke inhalation.

After the show, Paris

Me & the grand poobah of Boxland, Yann Broly

Yann with my 2 gifts to him, mirrored shades & the cardboard insert from a pair of stockings I found backstage in Marsilles.

Me, Yann & Karl, Paris

At the Louvre

L to R: Yann, me, Bronco, and some guy on the right. I forget the name of this bridge, but it's where you're supposed to bring a date if you wanna get the sparks flying.

Backstage, Marsilles. This venue was at one time a convent of all things.

Back view of screen, Marsilles.

After show party, Marsilles

We drove to Paris & Marsilles from Lille and back, and these are at the very top and very bottom of the country and was something like a 11 hour ride. This picture was taken at 11am, I had a bottle of Bordeaux for breakfast as I felt like going back to sleep.